Johnson County MRAP (left, anonymous source) and Lenco BearCat G3 of the Ottawa Police Service (right, Matti Blume, CC BY-SA 4.0)

No tools of war

in our neighborhoods

Welcome to our pro-peace, anti-war, anti-militarization-of-police art gallery, brought to you by local Johnson County artists. We are actively soliciting art submissions for the digital gallery on this site. Whether it’s a piece you worked on some time ago or something you created specifically for this occasion, we’d love to feature it!

Please send (pictures of) your drawings, paintings, cartoons, comics, songs, poems, digital recordings and any other art forms we failed to consider to Please include your full name, contact info, and any other information you’d like to post together with your art. If you’d prefer to stay anonymous, that’s fine, too, just let us know. Artists of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience and education are welcome!

We have met the enemy
We have met the enemy
Yale Cohn, Iowa City
Lincoln Ziegenhorn, Iowa City

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